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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 31 Your Medicine Bag.

Every Shaman through time and space has carried some kind of medicine bag.  I have a very small leather pouch maybe one inch long and 1/2 inch wide on a leather thong strap that I wear around my neck under my clothes. You would have to look hard to see the leather necklace around my neck. No one has ever noticed it or asked about it because I don't show it off or draw attention to it. It is no one's business but mine. You could carry it in your pocket if you could not wear it. But I feel it should be close to your heart, to your essence.
Inside is my own personal medicine as well as medicines I am practiced in using. Select carefully and with guidance what you wear around your neck. You are responsible for each item in your medicine bag. You are charged with the duty to wear them respectfully, to honor their power and to use them only for healing yourself and others with their permission. You become the carrier of their power. That is a big responsibility.
Gather your items slowly. I have been gathering my medicine bag all my life. Right now I am going through a major transition so I have added a piece of moonstone to my medicine bag. You can look up moonstone if you want to know why I have added that.
Your medicine bag says everything about you, who you are, who you are as a healer, how you heal, how powerful you are, who your allies are, what your power is. It becomes a finger print of you, the shaman.
Your medicine bag contains all the power of the items in it. Those items are given to you, not selected by you. It is a holy thing.  It is medicine for you! I make custom medicine bags for people if you ever want me to make one for you. Just go to
Shaman Elder Maggie

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