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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 16: Detours

I have had my share of detours.
Sometimes we get "tested". We get asked by Spirit to make a choice. We find ourselves in a very uncomfortable place we do not like and we have to make some choice. Often we do not even know what the choices are! But I have learned that when you commit yourself to a certain path, every now and then along the way you meet a path crossing yours, a detour, a sidetrack, a u turn, and we all reach these places. If you are not committed fully to your path, then you run into conflict when you encounter these places. You start to feel unwell, dragged down, unsure, restless, unhappy because you are being asked to once again confirm your commitment. You may have already found your path as a healer. You understand the power and the holiness of this path. And then you met a crossroads and you faltered, you hesitated, but now you have chosen your path as a healer once again and are practicing and the crossroads is over and you can continue to walk stronger than before!

It is painful only when we do hesitate, only when we are not sure about what we believe. One's own unsureness about one's healing path caused this offer of a crossroads. We actually place these u turns in front of our own selves. So by believing strongly in whatever you believe and being committed to whatever you believe you will not see too many u turns or sidetracks in your life. And when you do see them you will recognize them as sidetracks and u turns and just ignore them or better yet realize that you are trying to fool yourself. How do we fool ourselves? We say we do not have time for our healing gifts. We say they don't really work. We say we can't do it. We say we are too lazy to do it. But the truth is your healing gifts do work and you know it. Everyone has healing gifts and skills. You do have time for your healing path every day all day long, It does not interfere with time for other things. You will have to judge yourself to see if other reasons have come up and if they are true or not. It is all about being true to yourself, being authentic.
Aho ( Yaqui language meaning “I speak my truth”)
Shaman Elder Maggie to read more.

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  1. Aho! This is an extremely helpful and powerful entry. These words are re-affirming to me and make me realize that I continue to allow crossroads deter me from my heart path, my healing path. Although I continue to explore my own healing, I know that I can speed up that process by making it the priority in my life and be doing so, I will begin to create more space to offer healing to those who are in need of it.
    Thanks again, Shaman Maggie. I begin everyday with child-like eyes and love learning from you!


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