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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 15: Death

I have learned:
Impeccability means doing your best in every way and every day. Impeccability doesn’t mean being perfect, it means working to the best of your ability. An old Yaqui shaman who was my teacher in Mexico taught me that death walks on our left side all the time, close enough to reach out and touch us at any moment. He taught me this not to scare me, but to point out that we don't know how long we have here. We may not have years to find our mission and walk our path. We need to live each day as though it is our last. We need to hug our parents as though we may never hug them again. We need to leave our rooms as clean as we would want them if the mortician was the next one to come in to it. We want to smell the flowers like we may never smell them again. I want to leave my house clean each day in case I never come back here. I keep around me what I need. I don't keep a lot of stuff I don't need. I treat each person I encounter as though I am looking at their spirit and not their body. I salute and honor their higher self even if they are not. Everything I do this day is done with impeccability. I do my very best at mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk, grocery shopping, talking to people, studying my spiritual reading, even sleeping impeccably, in other words getting enough rest. I also play and laugh and express joy as though it is the last day I will get this chance to do so. My life is very much joy filled!

When you start living your life impeccably, the very best you can, and you realize that you have no time to waste, and you become aware and balanced so you can reach the higher state of the causal body, and you start dialoguing with your guides and teachers, then Wow! Life suddenly is not the thing you are living right now! Your path becomes known to you. Your purpose becomes clear, You start to walk your path and things just blossom along the way and gifts and real world opportunities are given to you and your efforts are rewarded one hundred fold and you know you have purpose and you receive thanks and money and joy and peace and that inner happiness. My goodness it is all worth it!

This is what I teach in my course, exactly. I teach this because no one else is. I teach this because it is the universal way of the Shaman. I teach these universal truths that all Shamans from all cultures and all times throughout history have known and have practiced in their own lives. This is not some secret recipe! It is just that humans concentrate on being a member of the status quo. And the status quo today is about getting a job, finding a mate and having babies. Not much of a mission is it! And it is indeed not a mission at all. Just the way the status quo live. It is a physical existence and that is all.

The traditional Shaman is all about living in the 100%. I can show you how.
Shaman Elder Maggie to find out more about the course I teach. You can  begin today!

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