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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 11: Impeccability

There is no one out there living your life. So there is no one out there that you should hold up as a measurement of how you are doing. You know in your heart of hearts if you are doing your best. And your best is all you can do each day.
Doing the best you can do each day in every way is impeccability. Am I saying to become a rocket scientist in order to be impeccable? No! We are human and we all have our foibles and faults. We are never going to be perfect so impeccability is not about being perfect. It is about doing the very best we can every minute of every day.
Do I still struggle with impeccability? I don't struggle with it but I am conscious of it. I know when I have been less than impeccable. I choose to be less than impeccable when I am feeling lazy or tired sometimes. Sure. I recognize it is a conscious decision to be impeccable or not. It is my choice and no one will judge me for it. I am the only one who will judge me for doing my best or less than my best. I don't fret over it but I do try to be impeccable as best I can. And as you become impeccable with the big things, you become aware of smaller places where you can be more impeccable, and smaller places and smaller places and you get down into your thoughts and feelings and you try to be impeccable there as well. And this is where impeccability can cause your thoughts of love to manifest immediately. This is where what you think has an impact on what you manifest almost instantly, be it good or bad. Energy doesn't know good or bad. That is a judgment you make. Whatever you think becomes reality, is made manifest. So, then I have to become impeccable with my thoughts.
 But it is not a struggle. It is more of an awareness. I give myself room to screw up because I know I am human. It is OK to screw up. But I am responsible for what I think and I will have the consequences of what I think, be it good or bad and probably have those consequences a bit faster than you will only because I have been aware of my own impeccability much longer than you have. So I am saying it is not a judgment game; it is an awareness. And the main cause of impeccability is knowing that what you do and say and think will manifest itself into your reality. If you want abundance, think abundance.
I want to manifest joy, and happiness, and abundance, and freedom and independence and healing into my life. These are my reasons for trying to be impeccable. It is not hard, but it is a minute to minute awareness. And for a healer, the more impeccable is the healer, the more complete is the healing. A healer is only as good as his own life. A drunk healer would not heal as well as a sober healer. A person who has studied herbs will heal with herbs better than a person who only read a book about herbs. So true!
Shaman Elder Maggie
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