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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 10: Negative thoughts

A student recently asked me
“I have noticed that I work at trying to be positive everyday, telling myself I can do this and I will accomplish that.  I also repeat positive affirmations during my drive to a job location.  The negative or opposite is always trying to get its way.  To do nothing.  To just don't reply.  Often times the negative voice(s) in my head or whispers in my mind's ear speak to me about a confusing better way to complete a task, just to keep me from the direction I was heading and should have finished.  How do I sort this out? What is going on here?”

In Traditional Shamanism we know that all good is from Creator. Everything Creator creates is wholly good. So all those positive thoughts and energies you feel and encounter are from God. Only man can create negative things. So all the influences and thoughts you encounter that are negative are man made.

Yes we have both around us all the time. Sometimes as men we even create negative things for ourselves. But the shaman sees all those thoughts both good and bad as entities or beings. A thought is a creation. If backed by feeling its like a car that is given gas and becomes a creation, a being, a thought form. It moves along energy lines like comets traveling in space and affects everything it passes near. So not only your own self created negative thought forms but those of everyone else are out here traveling like comets streaking by our consciousness. And we can become magnets through our own energies and attract thought forms to us, both positive and negative.
What feeds a thought form being? Our own energy, our own emotional energy in particular. Emotion is like gasoline to these thought forms. Negative beings feed on negative energy, fear, frustration, feelings of lack. Positive thought forms feed on positive energy, love, joy. So if we are feeling frustrated not only are we feeding our own negative beings but we are attracting the negative beings of other thought forms around us, out here in the limitless energetic world. They are attracted to us like magnets as we feel frustration and they are attracted to that gas we are offering to power them and keep them alive.

Can a thought form run out of gas and cease to exist? Yes. And that is our choice. Nobody can make us feel happy or sad or angry or jealous. We choose to feel those ways ourselves. We are in control of our own lives.
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  1. The point that emotions are the gas to our thoughts is such an important piece to integrate into our dailiness! Thanks again. Aho.


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