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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Best Friend You will EVER Have!

 "People usually seek to have friends who are
pleasant and who pander to their tastes and

 But those who tell them how to make
progress, how to surpass themselves – oh my
goodness, they are to be avoided!

 And yet, there is no greater friend than a
spiritual Teacher, for she represents the
head, which knows which direction to go in.

Of course, the head does not simply provide
pleasant feelings, but from time to time when
the Student is suffocating or drowning-- when
they no longer know what is happening to
them-- they at last decide to turn to the
spiritual Teacher to get their breath back
and find their way again…

 The sad thing is that it does not last, and
they go back to sloshing around in swamps.

So what is the Teacher to do? She has
provided arguments and methods, and if the
students do not take them up, life will have
to teach them.

And life will show no consideration; it will
bludgeon them!

This thought saddens the Teacher, of course,
but what can she do? She knows only that she
is her students’ best friend in life or in
death, a friend such as they will find
nowhere else. Once they understand her,
nothing and no one will be able to stop their
progress towards Light and Freedom with this
faith in their Teacher.

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