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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who Can Make You happy?

I am going to teach you something that your mother never taught you. She taught you, as a child, that you were somehow responsible for making her happy. She used her happiness level to manipulate you into doing what she wanted you to do. She put you responsible for making her happy. She said if you do this and this and don’t do that I will be happy with you and love you. In this way she taught you that other people can make you feel happy or sad etc. But this was a tactic she used artificially to make you obedient to her, both to keep you safe from danger and also to benefit her life directly. Can you look back on your childhood, on just about everyone’s childhood and see that parents do use this idea of making mommy and daddy happy to control their children?

You choose if you are going to feel happy or sad. Or angry or frustrated or depressed or excited. Nobody on this planet can MAKE you feel sad or happy. You choose how you are going to feel at any given moment.

These are mental logical facts I am telling you here that apply to everyone.

You cannot make me happy if I don’t choose to be happy.

You can try to make me happy by making funny faces or telling jokes or giving me things but until I decide to be happy? Nobody can make me happy.

 You cannot make anybody feel a certain way.

 You are not in charge of how I choose to feel.

 That is my free will right to feel good or bad or upset or mad.

 You cannot change that.

 Neither can anyone make you feel angry or upset or happy or free.

You choose for yourself how you are going to feel from moment to moment.

I am showing you that you are in charge of you. Right now. Today.

YOU are in control of your own thoughts and feelings, nobody else.

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