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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mediumship or Shamanism?

When mediums are asked to project themselves up to the higher realms of the invisible world to respond to questions of a spiritual order, most of the time they are not able to do so: their clairvoyance is always limited more or less to the regions of the astral plane.

 Well, clairvoyance that does not serve to elevate people- is of no interest to shaman practitioner students. This is why they do not focus on it. it is better  to close the  eyes as they cross those astral plane regions where all kinds of fantasy and intrusive influences can be found.

True Shamans do not seek to develop mediumistic faculties. They work only to purify themselves, to grow in wisdom, love and self-mastery, so that they can project themselves as high as possible towards the higher spiritual planes inwardly. Once they reach this peak, the substance of the Shaman's being is so refined it is aligned with the very quintessence of the universal Essence of Creator. This quintessence, in which everything is recorded, enables them to receive, see and feel whatever they wish to know. And so their work allows them to acquire not only power but clairvoyance as well.

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