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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How My Ancestors Practiced Shamanism

Lets look at how my ancestors practiced Shamanism. In my tradition, in the ancient days, the Shaman was actually hired by a tribe. He was a free agent and could go from group to group as needed. He often worked with many isolated groups of people within a 500 mile or more range geographically. They would send runners to fetch him when something was needed in the group. He would live with one group for months or years at a time. The tribes would pay him for his services by giving him food and shelter and clothes and other amenities and he would have as much as the chief of the group had because he was so valuable to that group as doctor, priest, counselor, weatherman, midwife, surgeon, forecaster, peacekeeper and so much more. But if he did not produce… If he could not do what he promised, (“ it is what you do that defines you”; fourth truth in traditional shamanism) they would throw him out with nothing, not even his clothes! And odds were that the next group were not going to take in a frozen starving shaman either!

This prevented just anybody from saying that they were a shaman. In fact, people were afraid to even think of pretending to be a shaman because if they could not do what they said, they were likely to die or be killed. The very fact that my Shaman grandmother was able to teach me the ways of my ancestors should prove to you that my ancestors were very powerful Shamans!

Today, lots of people call themselves shamans because there is no consequence to lying. In fact, more than 70% of the earth’s population now believe it is ok to lie to anyone about anything at anytime. So people pay “wanna be” shamans who can do nothing and only talk a big talk, lie.  I wish we could go back to the old ways of “do what you say you do”. When we can all live up to that truth and do what we define ourselves to be, the world will be a better, more honest place. 
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