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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 98 What Is Enlightenment

“When it's the middle of the night,
and the wind is screaming through the rigging at 45 knots,
and the boat is heeled thirty degrees,
and the seas are running high against you,
and water is breaking on deck...,
and you're all alone...,
 and there is white water and black death on the lee shore
and everything is confusion,
 and noise,
and icy fear that
approaches absolute terror
and you feel that the possibility of death is no longer remote,
but very real...,

Then, you had best know what you are doing.
Hope, will not take you off of that lee shore.”

Spiritual Enlightenment is
the ultimate goal of every spiritual practice and of the path of Shamanism.

The Yaqui Shamans were seeking a way to thwart the God that abused
them and that way was enlightenment.

The Egyptian Shaman was seeking immortality and the way to
immortality was enlightenment.

 Every culture, philosophy and religion has pronounced this awakened state of ultimate consciousness with Presence by some name.
by definition
 is “shifting our center of personal identity from conditioned
mind to unveiled soul.”
How can you know if
You are enlightened?

 If you have to ask, you are not enlightened.

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