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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 96 The End of The World

I hate to tell you but the end of the world will never get here. It never has. One thing that never changes is the change inherent in every created thing., no matter whether it is good change or bad change, and that is just based on somebody p[perspective anyway. Since change is a constant in this reality, the every moment is a beginning and an ending. Everything travels on a  circle. Where do you measure the start of a circle?

We just keep going on this linear circle we have named time. It never begins and it never ends and we never begin and we never end. That’s right. We are eternal spiritual begins just having  a short physical life experience here in this body, this temporary vehicle. But did you think you went somewhere else when this body wears out and quits? This life experience is only one of many states of being. When you leave your body you are experiencing another state of being. We are eternally experiencing an unknown number of states of being.

So where are we going? We are not going anywhere at all. Its like being shot off into space in a space capsule. Once launched , there is no way  out. So you have a choice here. You can sit there and worry and feel bad or you can enjoy the adventure. I recommend the Shaman’s Way – enjoy this moment now!
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