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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 94 How to Make a Difference

The best way to make a difference in this world is to work on perfecting yourself. If you can create a strong beautiful relationship with Creator within yourself, that relationship will glow within you and will inspire others to seek their own connection to Creator without you having to say anything at all. Words are cheap. I see you trying to make a difference in this world for others but the real work is right there inside yourself. It’s not about leading other people with words or telling other people what they should do. Its right inside your own heart, your own life, your own example. The fourth truth of shamanism says It is what you do that defines you. Its not being a leader for others. It being the leader for your own life. It’s your example as someone who has done the work to perfect her own spiritual body that inspires others to see that they too can have this in their own lives. Then when they see its possible by your simple example, living and working among them, doing some ordinary job where people can be around you and see you like a clerk in a store or a customer service rep,  that they can allow themselves to accept this and they will receive it directly from Creator instantly. Creator doesn’t need you to lead people. Creator needs you to do the work to heal your own self and by doing that you become an example in this world for those who do not believe that they can be healed.
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  1. I'm enjoying the walk, Shaman Elder Maggie, and have shared your latest on FB. Keep up the good work!


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