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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 103 Who Is Shaman Maggie?

Her life is the very course of nature: her death, the transformation of things. In quietude she coils up with the yin, in movement, she opens up with the yang. Her vital spirits are imbued with an endless peace, she does not lose herself in things and yet the world spontaneously submits to her. By non being this sage responds to things and necessarily penetrates into the laws of existence, by her emptiness she receives the plenitude and necessarily fathoms its rules. Nothing is distant from her, nothing is close to her.

She is close to Tao and touches Te, she is not enticed by good fortune, nor does she hasten into misfortune, her hun and p’o remain  in their dwelling places and her vital spirits hold on to the root. Life and death make no difference to her, that is why she is called supremely spiritual ( shen).

She is full as if empty. She knows Grand simplicity and without ado returns to the potential not yet manifested. She incorporates the Root, Embraces the divine and frolics between heaven and earth as a child. Radiant she roams beyond the dust and impurities, and goes higher and yon in aimless wandering. Immense and vast. Clever deceits do not dwell in her heart. Also, life and death are of equal greatness and so she does not distinguish between them. Although Heaven and Earth protect and nourish her, she is not held in the embrace. She experiences Non-failure and does not get mixed up with things. She perceives the disorder of things, but remains steadfast in her Origin.

Her heart and will are concentrated within, penetrating and universal, she is paired with the One. Without learning, she knows. Without looking, she sees, without acting, she achieves, without any effort she discerns. She responds impulsively, she moves when solicited, without willing, she goes as a light shines or like a lightning flash.

Life and death are for her all a part of the same transformation, the ten thousand things are only a single entity. Her essence united with the Root of Great Purity, she takes her pleasure within the confines of the obscure Empire. She does not rush her spirit.. She reverses the end and the beginning and ignores her limitations.

 She rests in a place without corners or bends, she wanders and takes pleasure in a land without trace or form. She is there, but without appearance. She dwells, but in no places, moving she has no form, motionless she has no body.

Beginning and end form a circle and no one can know its ruling principle. That is why the her vital spirits are able to rise up to the Tao -  the place where she takes her leisure.

This is Shaman Maggie.

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