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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 101 From a Student

A Student Writes: "I am so honored beyond belief as to who you are for me, my family and everything and I am clear that I cannot even imagine all the miracles you are causing.  I see them every day.  My husband is so thankful for you in our life too.  He had a great conversation with his younger son yesterday and were clear it was you who helped with that.  Thank YOU.  Things are getting better all around, both of them seem happy and healthy and taking care of themselves and responsible and they both seem clear.  Thank YOU.  Again, youre making me cry.  My only issue today was that I noticed my brain trying to figure out how to repay you my husband says not to do that and just receive.  He is very wise. its receiving of your love and Creators love for me that makes me cry tears of gratitude, freedom and joy". - Kristine Castro

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