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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 80 Chakras

Hiroshi Motoyama gave us the first scientific evidence of chakras when he placed an electromyograph on the body's chakra locations and detected regular high frequency signals coming from the chakra points. He then created a device to measure photon emission and again measured the chakras to find that chakras emit photons and the more "awakened" a chakra is, the more photons it emits. Motoyama also found that by concentrating the mind on a certain chakra one can dramatically increase the  level of photons being emitted. Chakras are transducers of higher dimensional energies and can be measured in a physical way.
According to William Collinge, chakras spin in 2 ways simultaneously, both clockwise and counterclockwise. It is hard for us to see two whirlpools of water spinning in opposite directions in the same place at the same time but that is how William sees it.
According to Hector Ramos there should be a balance between these two spinning actions. The clockwise direction is the chakra receiving energy and the counter clockwise is the chakra emitting energy. Various factors set our charkas off balance, either giving out too much energy or recewiving too much energy, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors.
There are also some who call this imbalance an opening or closing  of the chakra such as open minded, close minded, open hearted, closed hearted, so if a chakra is imbalanced, some call that chakra closed. I don't like the term closed or open because they don't really close or open but rather spin off kilter.
Some schools teach that you open a chakra when you use it to give and you close it when you are done giving, but I do not resonate with this teaching. To each his own. Since it is believed that a chakra is an oscillator with its own frequency , a sound frequency can be used to balance each chakra using the scientific concept of sympathetic vibration which means that if you listen to or intone the the note or vibration a chakra would emit when in balance you can raise your own chakra to vibrate at the frequency. Ohm is considered the the original sound of the unfolding universe. If you spend just a few minutes intoning the word ohm or aum in any note on the scale you will feel your chakras lining up with that chant to some degree. The Schuman Response is a vibration of frequency found to promote balance and healing in everyone. You might want to do a study in this.
The study of chakras is a long one and not necessarily considered important in many Shamanic communities only because they had no conception of internal electromagnetic energy systems. Science has taken North America a long way in the study of the body's energy. Yet Shamans all over the world did recognize the necessity of balance in the 7 body system. They all teach that balance is imperative for you to live a life without being a weeble that constantly wobbles.
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