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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 66 The Four Enemies of the Shaman Part 4: Old age

Each of us truly believes that we are somehow never going to die. We are somehow immortal. No one thinks about their death, no one thinks that maybe today is the last day on earth. But it could just be true that right now some Iranian who’s job it is to watch over the launch pad button for their nuclear missiles just bumped the fire button with his foot as he was getting up to go to the john and right now those nuclear missiles are headed straight for your country and will be here in less than ten minutes. We don’t know that this isn’t true, do we? So what are you doing believing that you will still be here tomorrow? Are you fooling yourself? Do I hear you saying, “ I am never going to die!!! I have all the time in the world! I can put this off till tomorrow. I can build my boat tomorrow. I have lots of time! Lets watch that TV show now! And the next one and the next one!” No I tell you that your time here is short . You do not have a lot of time to build this boat. In fact if you don’t have it built by the end of this course then you are not going with me to the other side. I say this to keep you from procrastinating.

Now there is another side of this enemy that says, “Oh you are too old to even begin to build a boat now! Why not just give up and go watch TV”. And there is a side to this enemy that says, “You are too tired to build your boat today, and today, and today, and today.” And there is a side to this enemy that makes sure you are just too busy to build your boat, too much going on, too many places to go, run the kids to activities, work overtime, make dinner go to scouts, etc, etc.  Am I saying that you might have to rearrange parts of your life to be able to build this boat? I sure am saying that! Just how hungry are you to reach that other shore?

You see this enemy is definitely here to keep you from walking  any closer to your spiritual freedom. This enemy is the worst one of all I think,. Every one here has felt the claws of this enemy already in these courses. It is so easy to succumb to this more powerful enemy, old age, tiredness and death.

But if you accept the gifts you receive in taking responsibility for balance in your life (Course 101, lesson two) and you act on the discipline of humor, your spiritual self can dance with joy at the fact that, in this moment, you CAN build your boat! You can work on you! You can give this moment to adding another plank or weaving another rope for your own journey to the land across the huge lake where Creator will reward you for your efforts.

Every shaman has to make this journey. It is not easy. It is called an initiation in some cultures, a test in some cultures, a blessing and gift in other cultures. But you must build this boat and sail it across this wide lake if you want to get to the place where Creator bestows shamanic gifts on those who are willing to dedicate themselves to this great work.

Old age/death is fought by having the discipline of humor and the responsibility for balance in your life.
There you are!

Shaman Elder Maggie

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