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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Special Post for Japan Victims - A Prayer

A Prayer for Japan
By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Creator, Father, Mother, Source, Grandmother, Grandfather, Elders and ancestors of the ancient land of Japan, Mother Earth and all her children;
We lift up the people and all sentient beings of Japan to your loving arms.
You know what is needed in this place; You know what is in each heart and soul there.
We ask you to do your will and shower yourself down to bring your peace and calm to those minds and hearts;
To bring solace to so many who have lost a loved one.
To all those that have been destroyed,
To all the people who have lost everything they own and will not be able ever to go home again,
Bring your light and love to your people, Father.
Bring solutions to those in power;
Bring food and water to those in need;
Bring your healing in every way to our brothers and sisters in that ancient land.
We lift them up to you and know that You will do everything for them.
Inspire us to do our part—
To donate what we can and to hold them in our hearts.
Father, we leave these brothers and sisters in your capable hands
And ask your blessings on all of them and on ourselves and our families, too.  AMEN.

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