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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 63 The Four Enemies of a Shaman Part one: Fear

1. Fear:

Fear is what we might feel when we approach the unknown. It is said that if you feel fear then do your best to gain all the information you can about the thing that frightens you. But since we have so far perceived so very little of this universe, both manifest and non manifest, there are going to be things that are unknown to us. Fear is not something we can entirely banish from our lives unless we go live in a prison cell and sit there doing nothing, not gaining any new experiences or perceptions at all. But that would not be the life of a shaman warrior.

Whenever we face the unknown we find our own identities, our own concepts and beliefs and reality being confronted. For some people, this is an attack on what they are comfortable with, the rut they live in, the suffering they have grown accustomed to and they do not want to be confronted with anything that is unknown. For the shaman warrior, there is no way to gain a new perception without confronting the unknown! So we go in even though we feel this fear. We work through this fear, we go in spite of fear and we walk into the unknown with a spirit of humility. We take authority for what we do know, we take responsibility for the fact that we do not know very much at all and we step into the unknown like the Star Trek Enterprise speeding off to new galaxies, to go where no man has gone before! LOL!

 Our new dimension is this now moment. This moment is the only one we are responsible for. The only one we have any control over, the only one that matters. This now moment is a chance to gain a new perception, to widen our view, to see new heights, to add a beam to our boat, to create.

To vanquish Fear: Take responsibility for your harmony. Align yourself in balance with everything around you. Be at peace with what is in this very moment now. Are you OK now in this moment right here? And in this moment? And in this moment now? And now? And then have an attitude of humility; you do not know everything and you never will know everything so let the world be a mystery and enjoy exploring it and gaining new perceptions 100 times each day as a child would explore his back yard or as Captain Kirk would explore a new galaxy.
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