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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 61 What causes my suffering

It is those non benefitting beliefs, those untrue beliefs that we were given by outside sources that make us struggle and suffer . The fact that they are not true makes it impossible to live under those beliefs comfortably or easily. Its like trying to get your foot into a size 4 shoe because someone told you had to! By choosing to believe that there is some fate, some kind of destiny you cannot control, your whole life has turned upside down and you are powerless at this point. However, at this point in your life, you are all grown up now. What other people have told you to believe, for the most part, were neither correct or completely true or beneficial to you at all. So now, as an adult, its time to review what you were told to believe and determine for yourself which of those childhood beliefs still benefit you today and which ones are hogwash and you wish to replace. Then choose beliefs that do benefit your life today. I can help you do this if you like. When you have beliefs that do benefit your life today you will find that you no longer suffer or struggle at all and your life becomes a beautiful thing indeed! Just like Mine!
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