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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 52 Bad Karma is a Cause of Disease

The most dangerous being in all the world is the human being. It is the only being that will deliberately violate your free will choice. So this is the being we need to protect ourselves from. All the other beings can do nothing without your permission or willingness. They are nothing compared to the human being who will violate you and rip your life apart and hurt you or imprison you or kill you.  These are the beings we must learn to deal with yes. Some ways my family taught me to deal with people is to respect that they too have free will choice. There is no reason for me to violate the free will choice of any created thing. I learned to respect the free will of people and of trees and of mountains and of spoons. I will not violate their free will as they too are sentient beings having a life experience here just as I am. But I also respect my own free will and I take responsibility for what I create on this planet too. WE get into trouble when we start trying to push our views, our beliefs onto other beings. When we forget that the spoon is sentient and just throw it in the sink as though it is nothing, that creates bad karma for us. And that karma amasses until nothing is going right for us at all. I was taught at age three how to respect my toys so that I did not create negative karma. I have spent my whole life respecting the free will of everything around me and perhaps it is because I have not created the decades of bad karma by ignoring the free will of everything that I have such joy and peace and abundance in my life. If I can give you one gift from this course , this would be it.
There is an old lama from Tibet. His name is Tsongkhapa. He lived about 1200 AD and is still very famous for his words of wisdom today. And he said, “if the maturation of a karma is in progress, it cannot be altered, even by Buddha. There are many different causes of insanity: intense fear, a chemical imbalance, an imbalance in the body’s elements, deep sorrow, intense greed, and so on. Some become mentally ill simply because of the natural progression of their karma. In this latter case, no ordinary treatment can help. If mental or physical illness is brought about from the maturation of a karma, then the best treatment is the collection of merit and the purification of negativities”.

My Shaman Grandmother knew about the devastating effects of accumulating negative karma in this lifetime. And so she taught me when I was a wee little kid with no more understanding about life than how to play with dollies that I needed to respect  the free will of every sentient being, every creation and offer random acts of kindness anonymously to create good karma in my life.
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