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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 40 Is There A Difference Between an Exorcism and A Soul Retrieval

Shall I tell you how many people who have tried and failed at exorcism come to me for help? Oh my goodness, if it is ever a choice between exorcism or soul retrieval, go for soul retrieval if you can find a reputable shaman willing to do it. And there will be a lot of diagnosis before a soul retrieval is done. The good shaman wants to be sure that this soul retrieval will be the answer. I ask my clients a whole ton of questions about them, about their symptoms physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I look for other causes of their symptoms besides soul loss. I consult Creator and my guides and the client's guides. I don't think the priest who does an exorcism is even able to consult with Creator on a one to one basis before he treats his client. I think if he did consult Creator, Creator would teach him to phone up a true shaman! LOL!

So there is no spiritual difference between a soul retrieval and an exorcism. The big difference is the priest makes the being come into this reality through the poor client's body and the shaman risks his or her own life to go to where the being lives and encounter it and heal it there.
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