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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 38: What is Shamanic Trance?

Now we are into semantics. Everyone has 50 words for the spiritual world. There is always a miscommunication when it comes to words because what is truly real on the spiritual plane is not easily expressed in English. Did you know that there are 5 spiritual languages as well? Perhaps you have heard someone speaking in tongues one of these spiritual languages. I am sure that they more accurately describe things like possession and channeling than we can in English.

In Shamanic terms: Trance might be the state a shaman enters when he is doing an Inner World journey or connecting to a totem animal. Shamans in South America have an apprentice or helper who sits by his body when he is in trance so that no one mistakes him for being dead and buries him. Good idea! Shamans have been known to stay in this state for weeks.

I know of a Shaman who journeyed to do a healing for a client and while in the Inner Worlds he was distracted, lost his intent and got lost as can happen, inner world beings try to pull you off your intent so they can get you lost and steal your light, chi, energy, grace. He could not find his way back and his body died.
True Shamanic Journeying is not just astral projection or visualization at all. There are only about 50 shamans left in the world today who can truly do a shamanic journey and we are all old and dying out and have spent our whole lives learning how to do this.  That makes sense, too, that it would take a lifetime of practice and study to learn how to do a true traditional shamanic journey.
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