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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 13: Vibrational levels.

If you have one cricket chirping that is the vibrational level of cricket. If you have two crickets chirping it is the same vibrational level but an increase in volume. If you have a field of crickets chirping, it is the same vibrational level, the same energy signature of a cricket but the volume is magnified by thousands. And isn't it great to be surrounded by crickets chirping together in the night! We seek out that sound on a hot summer's night, don't we! It is lovely!

If you have one human being offering love that is the vibrational level of one human being. If you have two human beings offering love that is the same vibrational level but an increase in the volume of love. If you have a city of human beings offering love it is the same vibrational level but the volume of love is magnified by thousands.

Wouldn't it be great to be in a city of thousands of human beings offering love? Wow! We would seek that out wouldn't we!

And that is a community of healers. Yes, anyone is attracted to the volume of love. So I have no higher vibrational level than you or anyone else. But I do offer love. And that attracts people. And when I am around another who also offers love, that attracts people even more. And when there is a community of people offering love it becomes a beacon in the night, a place our hearts would seek out.  And this raises the love volume on the planet. If the whole world were filled with people offering love it would be a different place altogether. So is it our job to be human beings offering love? Yes.

And are some repelled by this sound of love? Only those who don't feel worthy of hearing it. Only those who for some reason believe that they are unworthy of it. And that comes from their own belief system.  No one can change your beliefs but you. You cannot change the belief system of another unless they choose it for themselves. I respect your free will choice to believe as you choose to believe even if that belief does not seem to be benefitting you according to my limited view. I am not walking in your shoes to make any legitimate judgment about your beliefs. Only you can judge you.
Shaman Elder Maggie

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