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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 1: I need to slow down today.

Come Walk with A Shaman
I have been rushing around so much this holiday season, I would like to slow down now and take it easy. So to begin I need to change my speedometer to say 10 instead of 35. To do that, I begin to pay attention to this moment now. I notice the coolness of the air on my cheek. I notice the feel of my clothes on my skin. I focus on what I am doing now and do it with awareness and love. I can still get everything done in a day whether I speed long at 60 mph or be a steady turtle moving at 10 mph. The difference is that the turtle can notice things that go by too fast for the hare. So I want to focus on teh things around me, on the things I am doing. This will automatically slow my day down to a gentle delightful pace. You see, the change happens in the way I approach this day, not in what this day contains. The change is in my deliberate focus on this moment now, on what I am doing now. on what I am thinking now. That is how to make my day slow down so that I can enjoy it so much more. 
And if I am still having trouble focusing on this moment now I can always take an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for everything around me. That is another way to focus on this now moment and all teh blessings it contains that I should give thanks for in my life. If I take the time to see what gifts and blessings I have in this moment now I can automatically slow down and have a happier more peaceful , gentler day. 
This is the way of the Traditional Shaman.
Shaman Elder Maggie

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